Seiko Galante "Fire" Limited Edition SBLA083


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Seiko Galante "Fire" Limited Edition SBLA083



Seiko's Galante series has introduced a new concept to the line expressed in limited edition form.  The desing concept of "Buck-Fifty" is implied, which is slang for a deep cut acquired in a fight reuiqring at least 150 stitches.  This Galante's motif is a beautiful scar, which proves a man has protected a precious person.  The "Iron Heart Dial" has two outlines of heart shapes in the dial, with the upper half of the dials heart shape upside down, and the lower half of the dials heart right side up.  The red accents surrounding emphasize the heart with an edgy spiral pattern that expresses strong will that carries through with beilefs that are uncompromised.  The unique slashes out of the bezel show the representation of being cut and damaging the body, but the strength of mind that never breaks.  As in the Fire's concept of Buck-Fifty, only 150 pieces will be made in this limited edition.


[Product Specifications]

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Band Material: Black Crocodile Leather with Red Stitch
Glass material: Sapphire glass (anti-reflective coating inside)
Dial: Black with Red Accents
Waterproof performance: For everyday life reinforcement waterproofing (20 standard atmosphere waterproofing)
Magnetic resistance: Anti-magnetic watch (JIS antimagnetic watch one)
Size: [Case] outer diameter 44.9mm 16.1mm [thickness]
Screw lock type crown (onyx pieces) / see-through back
3 Year Manufacturer Warranty Period

[Specifications] Movement

Movement Caliber: Spring Drive GMT 5R66
Winding: Automatic (with manual winding)
Time accuracy: +/-15 Seconds per month
Duration: 72 hours at maximum hoisting
Number of jewels: 30 stone
Limited Edition - 150 Pieces for the World


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    Beautiful Watch, impeccable Timekeeping!

    Posted by Murray Cherkas on 8th Sep 2015

    I have had this watch, the Seiko Galante Fire about a week now. I was not sure what to make of it at first as it was hard to get a good feel through the various online photos of this watch. And I will admit, I was not sure what to think when it arrived, but it has grown on me over the days. A large beautiful piece of Jewelry. Care and time were taken in its build, that is easily obvious. The case is gorgeous, the leather strap is beautiful, the clasp graceful and easy to work. The design is, well, different, yet noteworthy. The face is beautiful and well stated. This watch exudes perfection and care, and avant-garde looks, the likes of few timepieces on the market. And being a Spring Drive, appears to match my any computer driven timekeeping mechanism second for second. Well done Seiko, and Highly Recommended!!!