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S.T. Dupont

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S.T. Dupont

1872 | Birth of a French Luxury House
Simon Tissot-Dupont, the dynasty's founder, was just 25. He was born in Savoy to a family of millers. He was an enterprising and passionate young man who was determined to succeed in Paris. He recruited several talented craftsmen and established a prestigious leather goods workshop. In particular, he manufactured wallets and "maroquins", the attaché-cases of the time, bearing the initials of senior civil servants. He was rapidly successful among Parisian high society. Soon, he became the official supplier to the Magasins du Louvre, which was a reference in the world for luxury accessories at the time.

Today, the style is more asserted, and the brand is innovating while remaining faithful to its vocation as a brand of luxury and exceptional items. S.T.Dupont revisits its values and its graphic language and acquired its true dimension as a global luxury brand for men. It is capitalizing on its origins to innovate and offer emblematic creations of the same caliber of those of its past.
Drawing inspiration from the exclusive crossed grain leather created in the 1930's for its sumptuous travel cases, the Brand launched a line of timeless leather goods : Contraste.
The following year S.T.Dupont reinterprets the ancient travel cases in a contemporary way with the DJ Case and later on the Vice Case, ultimate symbol of refinement and expertise .
In the same spirit of heritage revisited, the Windsor lighter, created especially for the Duke of Windsr back in 1952, was reedited in 2006.
S.T. Dupont continues in its stride and capitalizes on its emblematic pattern, the Diamond Head. Truly iconic of the Brand, S.T. Dupont makes this decor the theme of 2005 and applies it to the very first luxury USB key, an innovative marriage between technology and glamour.

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