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S.T. Dupont Writing Instruments

The Art of Writing

The pleasure of sensual, rich materials and a certain art of Writing...

A little history
In 1973, S.T.Dupont started a revolution with the launch of the first luxury ballpoint pen. It was functional and technical but also very personal. In 1996, the Olympio was introduced for the pleasure of writing. Declined in precious materials such as leather, Chinese lacquer, mother-of-pearl, this collection is available in 4 sizes (mini, M, L and XL). Then, the Caprice collection has introduced a feminine element into the world of writing. For 2008, S.T.Dupont has once again broken new ground, designing the Néo-Classique Président, the first luxury writing instrument to incorporate a powerful USB key.
Writing instruments for connoisseurs, the S.T.Dupont pen, once held is never forgotten and is acquired like a jewel in a personally intimate way. Synonymous with elegance and sophistication, it reflects the owner’s personal history through time. This harmonious relationship underscores the reliability and beauty of this generous accessory; a lifelong companion and witness…


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