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Eterna Watches


The name Eterna is synonymous with timepieces of the highest quality, with Swiss watchmaking tradition and with an outstanding spirit of innovation.

The passionate desire to master horological challenges as well as to constantly improve existing features has been driving Eterna since 1856.

It is therefore no surprise that the workshops in Grenchen have time and time again enriched and revolutionized the art of watchmaking.

Today, Eterna is still characterised by this ingenious creativity. The current collections reflect the brand’s respect for tradition, alongside Eterna's commitment to pioneering new designs and movement technologies.

Contact our watch experts today to learn more about the highly coveted brand known as Eterna. Call now 1-800-486-3996!

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  • Eterna  Kontiki Chronograph Manufracture PVD Ref: 7755.43.40.1289
  • Eterna Super Kontiki Chronograph - Ref. 7770.41.89.1395
  • Eterna  1948 Legacy Date Steel/PVD Rose Gold Ref: 2951.53.11.1323
  • Eterna 1948 Legacy Date Stainless Steel Blue Dial Ref: 2951.41.80.1700
  • Eterna Lady Kontiki Diver 36mm Automatic 7 Diamonds Ref: 1260.53.66.1732
  • Eterna 1948 Gent Automatic 40mm Ref: 2955.41.94.1388
  • Eterna Military Limited Edition 1939 - Ref. 1939.43.46.1299
  • Eterna Kontiki Diver Gent Automatic 44 mm 1290.41.49.1417
  • Eterna Kontiki Diver Gent Automatic 44 mm 1290.41.59.1753
  •  Eterna Super Kontiki - Ref. 1273.41.46.1382
  • Eterna  Eternity Gent Automatic 40mm   Ref: 2700.41.50.1736
  • Eterna Lady Kontiki Diver 38mm Automatic  Ref: 1280.41.66.1733
  • Eterna Eternity Gent Automatic PVD Stainless 40mm Ref: 2700.43.90.1392
  • Eterna  Eternity Gent Automatic 40mm   Ref: 2700.41.10.1383
  • Eterna Classic Eternity Lady Quartz - Ref. 2711.41.66.1394
  • Eterna Classic Eternity Gent Quartz - Ref. 2710.41.80.1736
  • Eterna Eternity Gent Quartz 40mm Stainless steel Ref: 2710.41.90.1384