Eberhard & Co. Champion V


Eberhard & Co. was established in 1887 by Georges Eberhard in La Chaux-De-Fonds, Switzerland.  With the launch of their new manufacture specializing in chronometer quality timepieces, which later led to their specialty in chronographs.  By 1919, Eberhard and Co. launched their first wrist chronograph, a mono-pusher stopwatch that later led to the development to their first dual pusher chronograph, featuring a start, stop and reset.  The pursuit of chronograph technology also brought forth their first chronograph with an hour counter, their first split seconds chronograph and many more. 

Eberhard & Co. continued their unique innovations throughout the years, and have released several patented systems on their mechanical timepieces.  Now renowned for their Chrono 4, an inline four sub dial chronograph, and the 8 Jour, a hand wound movement with over 5 feet of mainspring to power the piece for 8 days.  Eberhard continues to further their innovation and stay true to the past. 

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