Casio G-Shock Classic AWGM100SBG-1A (SOLD OUT IN JAPAN)


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Casio G-Shock Classic AWGM100SBG-1A


From the G-SHOCK pursuing toughness and evolving, "Black & Gold Series (Black & Gold Series)" which combines gold as brand color black as an accent color appeared. 

Based on the half mat black, we combined gorgeous gold with accessories to accent. Indial, index, hour hand, bezel colored part, adopted gold that shines vivid brightness on the bezel. I applied IP processing to the beauty tablet and the button part and finished it with a stylish design that highlights the accent color. Adopted AWG-M100S with basic design and high practicality as a base model. Also equipped with multiband 6 and tough solar that correspond to 6 standard stations of the world, it also has convenience such as a full auto LED light function that illuminates the face of the dial by tilting the watch in the dark. 

Multiband 6 

Tough solar 

needle evacuation function which receives standard radio waves of 6 stations worldwide (Japan 2 stations, China, the UK, Germany, Germany) and automatically corrects time