Casio G-Shock Aviation GPS Hybrid Gravity Master Bluetooth GPW2000-1A


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Casio G-Shock Aviation GPS Hybrid Gravity Master Bluetooth GPW2000-1A




Developed in response to pilots’ needs, this tough new model offers further improved accuracy, strength and practicality.
Enhancements include the adoption of a Triple G Resist structure to fortify the case and GPS Hybrid radio-controlled, solar-powered timekeeping.
A Smartphone link function has been added, moreover, to assure acquisition of the precise time data required for aircraft operation and accurate time correction in every possible location and environment.
Extensive use of the carbon fiber material employed in airplane frames provides the tough performance needed to withstand the stresses stemming from altitude and speed encountered in cockpits.

Latitude / longitude display
When GPS satellite signals are received, the current location’s latitude is displayed on an inset dial at 9 o'clock and the longitude in a window at 6 o'clock. The latitudes and longitudes of selected cities are also displayed when switching among World Time cities.

Flight Log function [Smartphone App]

Time point memories are input by button operation (time stamp). Location information is obtained by simultaneous connection to the smartphone and the point is marked on the map. The Flight Log is useful for reviewing travel history, including the point of departure, interim and final destinations, and return destination.

Triple G Resist (impact, g-force, vibration)
200-meter (20 ATM) Water Resistance
Tough Solar self-charging power system
3 Way Time Sync: GPS/Multi-Band 6/Internet
GPS Latitude/Longitude Display
Bluetooth Low Energy
Bluetooth Range: ~2 meters
Mobile link function: (World time setting of ~300 cities, automatic time adjustment, flight log, easy clock setting)
World Time: 28 cities (39 time zones + UTC, automatic DST)
Two city time display
Stopwatch: 1 second measurement, 24 minutes total
Countdown Timer: 1 minute units, maximum 24 hours, 1 second measurements
1 Alarm
Luminous Hands and Markers
Super Illuminator LED light with 3 second afterglow
Automatic Needle Position Correction
Full Auto Calendar with Date/Day Display
Battery Charge Warning
Running Time: ~23 months in power saving state
Size: 66.0 x 57.2 x 18.2 mm
Weight: 198 grams