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Bulova Ladies Collection


Bulova continues to establish an acclaimed reputation when it comes to their Ladies collection line. Beautifully detailed watches with hand-set crystals from Swarovski, elegant dials, and many in mother-of-pearl make up this classic Bulova collection. Renowned for artistry and innovation for superb craftsmanship and advanced technology, Bulova's exclusive ladies collection is sure to exceed your highest expectations. 

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  • Bulova Rubaiyat Women's Watch 98R266 + Free Travel Clock & Picture Frame Clock
  • Bulova Rubaiyat Women's Watch 98R246
  • Bulova Curv Ladies' Curv Watch 98P182
  • Bulova Curv Chronograph  98R239
  • Bulova Rubaiyat Womens Watch 96R219
  • Bulova Rubaiyat Womens Watch 97P130


    Bulova Rubaiyat Women's Watch 97P130 + Free Travel Clock

    MSRP: $595.00
    Was: $595.00
    Now: $446.25
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  • Bulova Rubaiyat Women's Watch 97P131 + Free Travel Clock
  • Bulova Rubaiyat Women's Watch 97P125