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Seiko Galante "Fire" Spring Drive GMT SBLA083 : "Buck-Fifty" Limited Edition

In 2005, Seiko introduced the brand Galante with a unique twist behind the whole concept.  The development of this line was to apply a sense of sport to the art of attraction.  The brands name derives from the Italian term "galante" or in english, gallant, with the implementation of being brave, heroic, or chivalrous in the way of attracting the opposite sex through individuality.  The bold and uncompromising design of Galante expresses this in many ways, but today we introduce you to a piece that takes the chivalry concept to a whole new level for Galante.  We are proud to introduce you to the fifth model of Galante to appear in the US, and the third featuring their unique Spring Drive movement, the Galante "Fire" Limited Edition.

The concept behind this particular Galante is "Buck-Fifty : A beautiful scar which proves a man has protected a precious person".  The term Buck-Fifty is in reference to a slang term meaning that a cut has been obtained in a fight requiring 150 or more stitches.  This is implemented as a "beautiful scar", meaning that the scar was obtained protecting the woman you love.  The scars are expressed through the large cuts taken out of the bezel as well as the lacerations in the strap.  The dial expresses the "Iron Heart", with an edgy red spiral decoration forming the outlines of a hearts on the upper and lower half the dial.  This reflects the strong will of one who is not willing to compromise in order to protect the one he loves.

The case of the SBLA083 is done in unique form.  With every Galante, the case utilizes different design elements to express their individuality.  This particular version is known as a "V-Shaped Groove Cut", the most elaborate in the Galante line up.  The case itself is stainless steel measuring at 44.9mm wide, 16.1mm thick, but only 47.5m lug to lug length, with an elegant curvature to the bottom of the case wrapping comfortably around the wrist.  

The case is finished in the meticulous Zaratsu finishing technique, giving a mirror finish to be found throughout the piece.  There are only a small amount of craftsmen capable of achieving this finish in Seiko's studios, and can only be achieved by hand.  Due to all the curvature, and unbelievable amount of facets in the case, you can imagine that polishing this Galante is incredibly labor intensive.

The black background of the dial is done in a radial finish, like thin fan bllades spread throughout.  The hands and indexes are also brought to the mirror finish found on the case, with the flat surface of the hands done in a satin finish, adding contrast and legibility on the dark dial.  The overall design of the dial is very sharp, including the indexes, hands, and seconds/minutes markers in the 24 hour counter along the chapter ring.  The faceting to the lengthy indexes is truly unique and adds tremendous depth, not to mention the remarkable sparking finish. 

The bezel on the SBLA083 is bi-directional rotating, allowing for placement of the deep cuts to up to the wearer.  The bezel has a very small saw tooth to it, adding another remarkable detail, and keeps the theme of sharpness to the design.  At the lugs, you will find four pillars with large uniquely shaped screws at the end.  These pillars are not only a part of the aesthetics, but functional and protect the heart of the watch, its movement.  Without these posts, essentially,  "everything falls apart".

The black crocodile strap features red stitching, red on the side and underneath the strap.  The buckle is a fold fold deployment, with the Galante crest exposed on the outside of the leather.  As I mentioned previously, the strap has lacerations, keeping in theme of "A Beautiful Scar".  

The red second hand of the Galante Fire is done in a very distinct fashion.  The curve to this second hand has meaning behind it.  Demonstrating that seconds are not divided by fractions or individual seconds (the stutter of a sweep on mechanical or the jump of a quartz), but a continuous motion.  The drifting seconds that are unique to Spring Drive mimic the flow of the wind, and symbolize the movements elegant functionality.

This proprietary caliber known as Spring Drive posses the beauty and craftsmanship of a mechanical timepiece, but the accuracy of quartz.  As your mainspring (the sole power source) unwinds, the watch creates a minute amount of electricity to power a quartz crystal that relays timing information to an electro-magnetic brake, which controls a uni-directional gliding wheel that regulates the speed of which the mainspring unwinds.  The 5R66 Spring Drive GMT found in the SBLA083 features an independent adjust hour hand, 296 parts, 30 jewels, +/- 15 sec per month accuracy, a power reserve of 72 hours off of only one barrel and does not have the typical design you would see in other variations of the caliber.  The bridge for the oscillating weight (the rotor) is decorated in thin ribbing, adding a distinct characteristic to the Galante movement.  The rotor in dark grey is striped and is made to resemble an old European masquerade mask.

The Seiko Galante "Fire" Limited Edition has a world wide production of 150 pieces (aka Buck-Fifty) and retails for $7,300.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 1-800-486-3996 or submit an inquiry at

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