Posted by JoeAZFT on 18th Mar 2015

Pre-Basel: Casio G-Shock GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor Baselworld Special GPW-1000TBS and GPW-1000T with Titanium 64 Alloy

For Baselworld 2015, a new limited edition version of the G-Shock GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor has been launched. Using Casio's new Titanium 64 alloy, which is several times harder then pure titanium, this new model undergoes the special Aged IP treatment used on last years MT-G Baselworld Limited Edition.  

With a beautiful distressed finish, the new GPW-1000TBS will be a limited edition for Baselworld, so expect it to be hard to get.  

Also, as a part of a regular production line, the Titanium 64 is utilized for a new style of GPS hybrid.  Reducing its weight by about 10% compared to other GPW Hybrid GPW's, the GPW-1000T features the new alloy consisting of 90% titanium, 6% aluminum, and 4% vanadium, making it several times harder then pure titanium.  Welcome to a new level of toughness for G-Shock!

Stay tuned as we report live from Baselworld 2015 in upcoming days on all the new Casio products!  You can follow us HERE