Posted by JoeAZFT on 2nd Dec 2014

Grand Seiko Spring Drive 9R 10th Anniversary SBGA109 Plus Grand Seiko Roadshow

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This year commemorates 10 years of the use of Seiko's in-house designed and developed Spring Drive movement found in Grand Seiko, known as the 9R caliber. To celebrate this, Arizona Fine Time is hosting our 5th annual Grand Seiko Roadshow, where Master Spring Drive Watchmaker Mr. Ikukiyo Komatsu is being flown in from Shiojiri, Japan, to build a Seiko Spring Drive 9R caliber right here in our retail store for all to see. If you are in the Phoenix area on December 5th from 3-7pm, please feel free to stop by and indulge in complimentary sushi, Asahi beer, and Yamakazi single malt whiskey, and to see an expert assemble the worlds most accurate movement powered by a mainspring. Also, we are proud to bring you a hands-on look at a limited edition model made to honor the 10 year 9R anniversary, the Grand Seiko Spring Drive SBGA109.