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Grand Seiko 62GS Hi-Beat SBGH037 Limited Edition : Hands On

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Grand Seiko 62GS Hi-Beat SBGH037 Limited Edition

The other Grand Seiko 62GS modern interpretation in Hi-Beat form is the SBGH037, with distinct silver radial finished dial and blued seconds hand.  This LE will be a 1,000 count production for the world, has stainless steel case and features their 9S85 caliber.  

Grand Seiko 62GS Hi-Beat SBGH037 Limited Edition

The SBGH037 also has the 62GS attribute of the box shaped domed sapphire crystal.  As many may already know, to achieve this type of sapphire crystal is very difficult and time consuming to polish into this shape.  The use of this crystal also allows the piece to have no bezel, an attribute that was found on the original 62GS of 1967.  

Grand Seiko 62GS Hi-Beat SBGH037 Limited Edition

The 9S85 Hi-Beat caliber is manufactured at Shizukuishi Watch Studio in Morioka Japan.  This is one of the most difficult calibers to build in the GS line up, as the adjustment of the hairspring is done by the hands of only their finest watchmakers with the most experience.  This movement has a rate of 36,000 bph, which is only done because of Seiko's latest developments in manufacturing, such as MEMS and the proprietary Spron alloys used for the hairspring (to achieve a strong resilience for shock and magnetism), and mainspring (to boast a 55 hour power reserve form one mainspring though the watch requires high torque).

Grand Seiko 62GS Hi-Beat SBGH037 Limited Edition

The Grand Seiko 62GS Hi-Beat SBGH037 is going to be limited to 1,000 pieces for the world.  It is estimated to arrive in the US market this summer, most likely around the end of July.  Retail is estimated to be in the $6,000 range.  If you wished to pre-order, please call us at 1-800-486-3996.

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