Posted by JoeAZFT on 8th Jan 2015

Grand Seiko 55th Anniversary 2015

2014 has gone and passed and the new year is here.  2015 marks many anniversaries for Seiko as a whole, but most importantly, celebrates the 55th Anniversary of Grand Seiko when it released the 3180, the very first Grand Seiko model!  After 5 years of selling GS in the United States, we can proudly say that Seiko's global launch of Grand Seiko has been a tremendous success, with avid collectors of every sort proudly adding Grand Seiko's to their collection, and most expanding it every year.  There is going to be a lot to look forward to this year, and you can be sure that we'll see some Grand Seiko Limited Edition models for this 55th Anniversary.

As many of you have noticed, Seiko tends to celebrate anniversaries in 5 year increments.  The Grand Seiko 55th Anniversary is not the only reason to celebrate this year.  You may also note that this year commemorates the 45th Anniversary of the 56GS as well as the first appearance of the Grand Seiko 61GS SPECIAL both from 1970.  

2015 also celebrates 5 years of the 9S65 caliber, which boasted a 72 hour power reserve on their 28,800 bph movement with Spron 610 hairspring.  

Grand Seiko Anniversary models are always highly anticipated, and have a tendency to sell out even before they deliver to stores.  This year being truly the first Grand Seiko Anniversary celebrated in the US will make for some very interesting new models to the line up (as the 50th Anniversary models were only sold in Japan), and potentially, some very extravagant pieces for collectors stateside.  Be sure to follow AZ Fine Time as we report all the new models Seiko has to offer this year.  Most of which will be introduced at Baselworld 2015, which of course, we will be reporting from live as we do every year!  Be sure to follow us on social media and our blog to get the live updates from Baselworld March 19th-26th, as well as any info we can share earlier.  

Arizona Fine Time was not only the first authorized retailer for Grand Seiko in the United States, but also remains the most knowledgable and No. 1 dealer in all 5 years of its time here!  Thanks to all of our wonderful customers for making that happen.  We look forward to many, many successful years to come!

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