Posted by Joshua Yanow on 20th Mar 2015

Baselworld Release: Luminox 25th Anniversary Watch Series

The Luminox Watch company is celebrating their 25th year in the industry with several new, noteworthy models. Rather than re-inventing the wheel, they are showing a few updated and new models that all feature Luminox's signature self-powered illumination tech.

First up is the Scott Cassell UVP Special Edition watch.  It's a combat diver and was designed to support Cassell's Undersea Voyager Project, hence the UVP. Featuring a bright yellow dial and a black and yellow NATO strap, there is no missing this watch.  The use of a carbon-reinforced case and stainless steel crown are used for durability.  Plus a portion of the proceeds form sales of this watch will go towards his UVP charity which helps to promote scientific knowledge and understanding of the Oceans current condition.

Next up we have the ANU Chronograph 4240 series.  The ANU stands for Authorized Navy Use and was designed for Maritime Commandos and Elite Military Ops. The ANU Chronograph 4240 features a new Quartz Chrono module with a sweep second hand and independent sub dials.  Additionally this model also has a 12-hour elapsed timer and will be available soon for approximately $1200.00.

Keeping with the Sea theme, we have the 25th Anniversary model of the original Navy Seal Series. This special version features a new dial that has 25 and XXV printed all over it.  This dial is set into the lightweight carbon-reinforced polycarbonate case that has been a hallmark of Luminox watchs.  This model will retail for approximately $444.00.

Finally we come to the new RECON Leader 8840 series that was designed in conjunction with Andrea Micheli (a former Swiss Army Military Security NCO). The new Recon Leader features some great functionality that includes an alarm function, chrono with split-second timing, a bezel compass and more.  The strap design integrate a ruler as well as three common map scales.  Expect the retail price for this watch to be approximately $980 at launch.