Posted by AZ Fine Time on 21st Mar 2016

Baselworld 2016 - Casio G-Shock New Releases

Casio seems to constantly coming out with a steady stream of new items, and at this year's Baselworld show, they took the wraps off a bunch of new and interesting models.

Let's start by taking a look at MR-G.  They have introduced two new models.  The 1st is a limited edition with a unique texture and the other uses a unique copper colored accent.  Both are very exciting pieces.

The MRG-G1000HT(pictured above left) is a 20th Anniversary model for MR-G. Using a traditional Japanese metalworking technique called "tsuiki", Casio was able to fuse a bit of Japanese heritage into their flagship timepiece. This pounded or "hammer tone" is achieved through meticulous workmanship by Bihou Asano, a 3rd generation master metal worker. This "hammer tone" is present on the bezel and center links on the bracelet.  The look is refined and elegant befitting of a 20th Anniversary model.  The titanium case and bracelet are covered in a special Japanese “Oboro-gin” (silver-grey color) finish traditionally used for sword accessories and ornaments. On the screws and buttons, the watch also features an “Akagane” (copper color) finish, which was used to give Japanese traditional armor and handicrafts their distinctively deep brilliance. Only 300 pieces are being produced and each bears an engraved "20Th Limited" plaque on the case side at the 10 O'Clock position. The MSRP is expected to be in the neighborhood of about $6200.00.

The other MR-G model (pictured above right) is the MRG-G1000DC.  It's no slouch either.  This particular MR-G uses a titanium case and bracelet with a beautiful platinum coloring that is accented by the stunning red gold “Akagane” DLC coated pushers, crowns and dial accents.  The bezel is constructed of Ti6-4 and is hardened further with titanium-carbide processing.  The whole look is designed to exude both power and dignity.  MSRP is set at $2600.00 and can be pre-ordered here.

Casio also took the wraps off another new MT-G GPS Hybrid watch at the show.  This caliber was introduced late last year in the MTGG1000D-1A2 and followed by the MTGG1000BS-1A. These great models fuse the technology with the Gravity Master GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor models and the Metal Twisted G pieces.  You get all of that great MT-G toughness along with the high-technology of the Wave Ceptors.  

The new MTG-G1000AR utilizes a similar finish to last years Baselworld models.  An aged IP finish that patinas over time is applied with the new “Akagane” (copper color) finish.  Our best guess on the MSRP is that it should fall somewhere in the neighborhood of $1900.  We'll know more soon.

Finally we have a taste of some other new core offerings that should be arriving sometime relatively soon.

We know there are two new "Frogman" models coming soon.  The FROGMAN GWF-D1000 represents another major step forward in the evolution of FROGMAN watches, with three precision sensors for measuring water depth, temperature, and compass bearing, and it is designed for use in the toughest environments including marine rescue. The GWF-D1000 also marks a first for the FROGMAN Series, with a water depth function that measures the depth down to 80 meters in 10 centimeter increments. The temperature function measures water temperature in 0.1 degree Celsius increments, and the compass bearing function, which features auto horizontal compensation, measures bearing in one degree increments even when tilted. These sensors provide real-time measurement data to support underwater search and rescue activities.

Finally we have an update "Gulfmaster" model coming as well. The atmospheric pressure sensor helps to predict suddenly changing weather conditions, the temperature sensor reads changes in air and water temperature, the compass bearing sensor helps detect wind and tidal direction, and the water depth sensor measures current depth under water. These sensors enable the user to assess changing ocean conditions in real time, in situations where they may be racing against time and the natural elements.

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