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Grand Seiko Mechanical

9s-header.jpgSeiko Premier Dealer Simple Design.  High performance of essential functions.  The fusion of high technology and hand craftsmanship.  These are the elements of Grand Seiko DNA that are now in the Grand Seiko Mechanical collection.  Since it's birth in 1960, the goal of Grand Seiko was to create "the perfect timepiece".  The Grand Seiko Standard was developed to achieve a higher level of precision and reliability that not only exceeded what Seiko has done, but also higher standards then the International Chronometer standards.


The 9S Series of mechanical movements featuring a 28,800 bph caliber are expressed in the 9S65 Three hand caliber, the 9S66 GMT caliber, and the 9S64 hand wound caliber.  These movements all undergo the Grand Seiko Standard testing, which maintains an accuracy of -3/+5 seconds per day under static conditions (-1/+10 when worn), is tested in 6 positions, 3 temperatures and for 17 days.  The manufacturing process is elaborate containing over 1,000 hours to certify quality.  These 1,000 hours contain movement assembly and adjustment, running tests for over 300 hours, fine tuning, Grand Seiko inspection for over 400 hours, case assembly and then final inspection.  Once cased, the pieces are tested for a further 21 days, which does not include the 17 days prior to being cased.
Seiko in-house manufactured alloys are utilized for the hair and main springs.  This Spron alloy is incredibly resilient and far less effected by shock and magnetism.  Spron 610 is used for the hairspring and is adjusted by hand and eye by some of Seiko's finest craftsman.  The Spron 510 alloy is used for the mainspring, allowing for the piece to maintain a 72 hour power reserve, enough to last the weekend, all contained within one barrel.  The MEMS technology is utilized to manufacture parts that are lightweight, precise design, enhanced durability and have higher energy transfer, while also creating a longer reserve of lubricants.  A reverser winding mechanism is also used for incredibly efficient winding of the mainspring.  All of these calibers are manufactured and hand assembled in-house at the Shizukuishi Watch Studio in Morioka, in the Iwate prefecture of northern Japan. The Grand Seiko Mechanical adds a certain level of class that Grand Seikos already boast.