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Casio G-Shock MR-G



The Casio G-Shock MR-G is the strongest and most accurate.  G-SHOCK's highest peak. 
Impact Resistant full metal body × GPS hybrid Solar radio. From the G-SHOCK superlative line MR-G, this new model has played on the evolution of the functions and structure. MRG-G1000 will be the first in a full metal case and "Shock resistant structure," with "GPS hybrid Solar radio" to achieve accurate time display anywhere in the world. In addition, the new "clad guard structure" development has also succeeded in both of operability and impact resistance of the crown.  It was difficult to achieve downsizing, the dual city time simultaneous display function, along with the high-brightness LED lights, dual-curing process to the metal, Zaratsu polishing, non-reflective coated sapphire glass, and strength down to the furthest detail. For tough men who are active in the world debuts a new model with sense of pride of "MADE IN JAPAN".

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