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Bremont Chronometers


History of Bremont Chronometers

Inspired by a love for soaring through the skies, the English brothers, Nick and Giles, set out on a journey to create one of the finest brands of watches the world has ever seen. Their father, Euan, who died in a plane crash that nearly killed Nick as well, was a master engineer, a genius craftsman and an ex-RAF pilot with a PHD in Aeronautical Engineering. After his death, the brothers remembered Euan and his love for bringing home and fixing old clocks, by shaping their Bremont time pieces with a specific classic curve.

Being world travelers themselves, they developed a beautifully crafted series of pilot’s watches of exceptional quality. Each product of theirs has been COSC-certified, signifying their immaculate accuracy and precision of wristwatches. Their famous Bremont ALT1 Collection comes from a pure military design and closely mirrors those watches the brothers gave to the “Stealth Bomber” Aircrew members.

The English brothers understand that life is too short to waste so they lived it to the fullest, not wasting a beat, not wasting a second. That style of adventurous living is weaved into these masterful watches. You feel the spirit of worldliness and luxury when you strap it around your wrist, unlike any other brand out there.

In the late 1990s, Nick & Giles were flying across France in their 1930's biplane. The weather was closing in. A rough-running engine forced them to make an emergency landing. Keen to avoid the French authorities, the brothers were more than happy to accept the gracious help of the farmer whose field they had landed in. They stayed in his home, the aircraft took cover in the barn. It transpired their host had flown aircraft during the war, as well as being a gifted engineer. Half-restored wall clocks lay everywhere, together with numerous engine parts. The farmer still even wore his own father's wristwatch. The brothers promised that his warm hospitality would never be forgotten. His name? Antoine Bremont. Thus Bremont Chronometers were born. 

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