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Grand Seiko Watches — Pursuing Perfection

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Since 1960, when Grand Seiko watches were first introduced, the goal has always been to design and build timepieces that go beyond the high standards of the world’s most famous brand names. With a laser-like focus on accuracy, beauty, durability and legibility, Grand Seiko has pioneered a number of innovations in the watchmaking world. In fact, in order to achieve the high degree of accuracy which Grand Seiko’s watchmakers wanted, they created their own accuracy standard and the processes and techniques needed to achieve it. This dedication to pursuing perfection has resulted in Grand Seiko winning many of the accuracy competitions run by the leading Swiss laboratories.

What began as a great success with mechanical watches has led to remarkable innovations in high-grade quartz technology, as well as the invention of Spring Drive — an innovative and unique watch caliber that continues to break new boundaries in the horological world. Grand Seiko is one of the few true ‘Manufactures d’horlogerie’ in the world. This means that it has the in-house capability to handle all phases of watchmaking, from designing the watch case and movement to producing and assembling all the components.

Whether you’re intrigued by a Grand Seiko Quartz, Mechanical or Spring Drive watch, Arizona Fine Time, at 7830 E. Gelding, Suite 100, in the Scottsdale Air Park, is one of only 10 authorized Grand Seiko dealers in the United States where you can actually see and try on one of these sought after timepieces.

“It’s a great honor to be one of only a handful of authorized Grand Seiko dealers in the US,” said Mitchel Hirsh, President of Arizona Fine Time. “ was the first authorized Grand Seiko dealer in the States, and believe me we had to go through an extensive vetting process to get there. Being the first, there was a lot on the line. It’s been incredibly exciting and gratifying for all of us to be able to bring these watches to our customers.”