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Tutima Watches Authorized Dealer


Tutima is one of the premier watchmakers in Germany. The "Tutima" name was chosen to reflect the quality of it's top models, the name being derived from the Latin "tutus", meaning 'safe' or 'protected'. The safety of their reputation lay in both product quality and through distribution only via selected stockists. However, the Tutima product quality wasn't achieved overnight.  It was the culmination of nearly one hundred years of development from its humble beginnings in Erz mountain region of 1845 Saxony, to become one of the specialists in precision pocket-watches with an affluent worldwide clientele.

However, the onset of the First World War saw the collapse of their market leading to a period of disaster and upheaval that didn't end until 1926. It was then that a group of companies, headed by a Dr. Ernst Kurtz, began to rebuild the industry. They began to develop their own ebauches for wristwatches leading to a series of movements that were of a quality that could compete with the Swiss, and it was in this period that the "Tutima" brand was launched. Tutima Classic Flieger Chronograph, the last and most sophisticated of the early Tutima watches, set new standards in functionality and aesthetics, becoming the mainstay of German military watches through the 30s and 40s, and on which subsequent developments were built.

The survival and resurgence of Tutima are due to a young entrepreneur and former associate of Dr. Kurtz, Dieter Delecate. The complex mechanical watch enjoyed a revival at Tutima with the launch of the mechanical Military Chronograph 798 in 1985. Developed for the Germany Army and standard equipment for the German Air Force pilots ever since, it has proved its toughness time and time again.  In fact the modern Tutima Air Force Chronographs have since led a renewed interest by watch enthusiasts in encouraging Tutima's to produce an authentic replica of its famous classic pilot's watch from 1941.  The result is the Flieger series, a whole new family of pilot's watches.

Three basic lines now determine the models in the Tutima collection:

The Military Line epitomizes the consistent functionality and robustness of the modern Tutima Air Force Chronograph.

The Classic Line bears the hallmarks of the classic Tutima Air Force Chronograph. These models are characterized by the milled rotating bezel with the red marker. 

The new FX Line sees an increase in the sophistication of the features offered, such as the three time zones with a large 24-hour readout from the center of the dial on the 740 model.

The Valeo Line Features clear design in rose gold and stainless steel, large date and power reserve.