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Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko Watches

Grand Seiko watches were developed to bring the highest level of watchmaking not only to Seiko, but also to set a new standard in the watchmaking industry. The vision was to be more accurate, more durable, more legible and easier to wear then any other watch in the world.  Seiko's inspiration was a very simple and beautifully pure idea, and is focused on the pure essentials of watchmaking.  Arizona Fine Time is Seiko Grand Seiko's Official Authorized Dealer in the U.S. We have the largest selection in stock. Buy from an Authorized Dealer for a valid manufacturers warranty, the best service, most knowledgable staff and the best price.

Seiko Grand Seiko - The Ideal Watch

More Accurate:

9F Quartz: Accurate +/- 10 Seconds per Year
9R Spring Drive: Accurate +/- 15 Seconds per Month
9S85 Hi-Beat: Accurate -1/+8 Seconds per Day (-3/+5 Sec. Mean Rate)
9S65 Mechanical: Accurate -1/+10 Seconds per Day (-3/+5 Sec. Mean Rate)

More Durable:

Grand Seiko watch mainsprings and hairsprings are made from Spron alloys which deliver more torque and resistance to shock.  They are also incredibly resilient and hardly lose their strength.  MEMS (Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems) technology allows for parts that are more durable, abrasion free, have intense hardness, and can be created in shapes and designs that are not possible compared to traditional machined parts.  Also, lubricants are reserved and kept supplied to the frictional contact interface over a longer course of time.

More Legible:

Dual curved sapphire crystals with anti-reflective coating to insure legibility even at low angles.  The indexes are diamond cut on multiple surfaces to reflect light, even in low light conditions.  The hands are also meticulously 5 angle diamond cut to razor sharp edges to brilliantly reflect even the smallest amount of light.  

Ease of use:

Each individual link is hand polished and has a shape and thickness that allows the piece to sit comfortably on the wrist.  All components and construction techniques are designed for easy disassembly, repair and long service intervals.  Also, the power reserves of of the mainspring powered timepieces is longer then most with only one barrel, ranging from 55 hours on the Hi-Beat, to 72 hours for 28,800 mechanical and Spring Drive pieces.

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