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Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko Watches

A Brief Introduction to Grand Seiko

On December 18th, 1960, it was an historic day for the small Nagano prefecture of Japan, as The Caliber 3180, Grand Seiko’s first model, was born, setting a new standard for luxury watches. With an astounding 18,000 BPH, this hand-wound chronometer boasted twenty-five jewels, a gold filled case and above all, the emblem of a Lion was embedded upon the case back, self-claiming Grand Seiko’s rightful crown as the “King of Watches”.

Over the next five decades, Grand Seiko maintained that well-deserved title as they not only consistently created the best watches on the market, but they continued to push the boundaries and limitations that no other company would. Their exploration of constructing a product with immaculate accuracy led them to build a timepiece with an incredible monthly rate of ± one minute or less in 1969, The 61GS V.F.A or “Very Fine Adjusted”. Grand Seiko’s innovation doesn’t stop there. After delving into women’s wrist wear, which had a remarkable monthly accuracy rate of ± two minutes, their next step was mastering a slimmer watch. Grand Seiko perfected their size reduction plans with the 56GS in 1970, creating a timepiece that sat more easily on the wrist.

Grand Seiko’s plans were inspired by inventing the most durable, most accurate, most legible and easiest wristwatches to wear. For years they’ve been at the top of the industry and, in 1988, Grand Seiko hit yet another high point when they introduced the 95GS, their first “Quartz Model”. The piece delivered an accuracy of 10 seconds a year, which was 25 times higher than any of the other regular quartz models of any brand. In terms of their impeccable accuracy, Grand Seiko’s products are among the best with their 9F Quartz being at +/- 10 seconds per year, the 9R Spring Drive at +/- 15 seconds per month, its 9S85 Hi-Beat coming it at -1/+8 seconds per day, and the glamorous 9S65 Mechanical beating at an accuracy of -1/+10 seconds per day, just amazing tallies all around.

Their second to none durability comes from the main and hairsprings that are made from “Spron alloys”, which deliver more torque and resistance to shock. By using the MEMS technology, the bands are hand made to be incredibly sturdy and tough. To add to the luxury of the Grand Seikos, they pride themselves on their cutting edge dual curved sapphire crystals with anti-reflective coating so you still get the best legibility, even at low angles. The Grand Seikos are one of the best low light watches around. No matter the lighting you’re in, you’ll be sure to know what time it is.

Throughout the 2000s, Grand Seiko continued to make new strides and waves in the watchmaking industry. In the early 2000s, nearly 40 years after its inception, Grand Seiko reached yet another historic mark by creating their first watch that included a fourth hand that shows GMT or “Greenwich Mean Time”, the "0" point on the 24 hour scale of international timezones. This feat greater expands their international market and appeal. In 2004, they introduced the 9R6 series, which delivered an accuracy rate of +/- 1 second per day. Into the late 2000s, Grand Seiko was still putting out devices that were “firsts” or “inventive” in the field. They built the 9S67 series which had an incredibly long power reserve of 72 hours, which they’ve now brought up to an unfathomable eight days. Then, in 2009, they resorted back to an original piece, and rebooting it after forty-one years; the automatic winding 10 beat caliber. Whatever the next step is in the watch industry, Grand Seiko is already two steps ahead of that. They continue to deliver the best of the best without missing a beat. You’ll be turning heads and catching stares with any of these remarkable beauties strapped around your wrist. It adds a level of sophistication, class and luxury that other brands just simply cannot match. Nearly sixty years of building an empire that has relished and never fallen from its graces. A brand to be trusted, a brand to be admired and never forgotten. Within every single detail, every single nut, bolt, spring that goes into each and every individual piece lies the spirit of Grand Seiko.

Grand Seiko has built and maintained their name and reputation for over fifty years. They’ve consistently been the leading brand in high end, luxury watches. Each one of those 18,000-360,000 beats per hour were concocted, tested and perfected by human hands so you can live your life without worry and in comfort. Let Grand Seiko’s creations count the seconds, so you can make those seconds count, and just enjoy the finer things in life. There are plenty of fine watches out there, but, the Grand Seiko’s are just… Finer.

Grand Seiko - "The Ideal Watch"

More Accurate:

9F Quartz: Accurate +/- 10 Seconds per Year
9R Spring Drive: Accurate +/- 15 Seconds per Month
9S85 Hi-Beat: Accurate -1/+8 Seconds per Day (-3/+5 Sec. Mean Rate)
9S65 Mechanical: Accurate -1/+10 Seconds per Day (-3/+5 Sec. Mean Rate)

More Durable:

Grand Seiko watch mainsprings and hairsprings are made from Spron alloys which deliver more torque and resistance to shock.  They are also incredibly resilient and hardly lose their strength.  MEMS (Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems) technology allows for parts that are more durable, abrasion free, have intense hardness, and can be created in shapes and designs that are not possible compared to traditional machined parts.  Also, lubricants are reserved and kept supplied to the frictional contact interface over a longer course of time.

More Legible:

Dual curved sapphire crystals with anti-reflective coating to insure legibility even at low angles.  The indexes are diamond cut on multiple surfaces to reflect light, even in low light conditions.  The hands are also meticulously 5 angle diamond cut to razor sharp edges to brilliantly reflect even the smallest amount of light.  

Ease of use:

Each individual link is hand polished and has a shape and thickness that allows the piece to sit comfortably on the wrist.  All components and construction techniques are designed for easy disassembly, repair and long service intervals.  Also, the power reserves of of the mainspring powered timepieces is longer then most with only one barrel, ranging from 55 hours on the Hi-Beat, to 72 hours for 28,800 mechanical and Spring Drive pieces.

We are an Authorized Dealer of Grand Seiko

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